Hi, I’m Laura Benjamin, owner of Time For Retirement.  In my current job  as a case manager,  I help adults with major mental illnesses figure out how to live fulfilling lives.  I’ve been learning about them and from them for over 27 years now.  We work at planning for change and  coping with change.  As I transition to my retirement soon I hope to use this experience to help you with yours.

There are plenty of blogs out there for the well-heeled, who have a cool million stashed away and are worried about leaving stuff to their kids.  I am from the other side of the tracks.   The 401(k)/403(b)/IRA stuff started on my watch.  My retirement won’t feature getaways to Florence or the Bahamas.  But I will do my best to make it a good one anyway, money or no money.  And that is what I hope to get across to my friends in the same boat.

Some of my other interests include fiber arts (spinning, weaving, dyeing and knitting), sewing, music, baking, history and languages.  You will see these pop up at times.

Let me know about your experiences and concerns!