Retirement Activities: 4 More Weeks

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At the four-more-weeks point, I am moving closer to retirement.  Time seems to be flying away.  Guess it’s because I’m busy winding up the job.  But that’s not all.  I am also transitioning to a collection of activities that have taken a back seat to work.  So I am looking forward to retirement activities as well as the end of work.

Last weeks of work

Just as I am starting to train my replacement, I picked up extra work covering for a colleague who has to be out for a week.  So I will take my protege along for coverage too, and my contract work.  It won’t hurt her to see the extra stuff, unless it’s confusing.  Will have to watch out for that.

What I really want to concentrate on is teaching the new hire the basics of what my regular clients need.  She will need to see where they live, and learn where the resources are.  She’ll have to learn their foibles and their needs, and start a relationship with at least some of them, while still with me.

Some of my clients are already aware of my retirement; others will find out in the next 2 weeks.  Some of them have known me for 28 years.  Nobody’s particularly happy, but many are philosophical.  Our Agency has had a lot of turnover in staff over the years.

So, while transitioning the new person into place, I will be cleaning house as well, particularly the last week.  I’ll be finishing up all my paperwork and throwing out a lot of trash.  There isn’t much I want to take with me, as it turns out.  I have more than enough stuff at home!

Home activities

I’ve been making a list of things I need to do.  Housework balances need to be adjusted.  My husband’s back does not favor floor care, for example.  He’s been a darling and took the floors over but I can take them back once I am done work.

And then there are the windows and screens.  On the west end we get a lot of dust.  Really a lot.  The screens and windows there are so loaded you really can’t see out of them in the afternoon sun.  Got to get them done this summer.  And not just the west end–ALL of them.  They’re grubby.

My husband also needs to cut back on yard work because of his heart.  We have a rough and hilly yard, part of which must be mowed with a walk-behind.  I plan on doing that.

Finally, I’ll ramp up the downsizing with a big declutter first.  Time to find homes for a lot of things I don’t use.  I got a lot of things from my grandparents that I’ve never used.  Tablecloths for tables that seat 12 people.  Silver to set the table.  Come on!  I have a dinette.  Now’s the time to start rehoming these things.

Family activities

Recently I heard from both my cousin and my brother.  They both want attention.  My brother may come up in July and possibly we can meet with my cousin in Massachusetts and catch up.

Then there’s the possibility of a trip west next year, from our place in Vermont to Washington and Oregon, by car.  That’s where husband’s daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson are, and we haven’t seen his daughter since she was 14.  It’s one of the few retirement activities that he’s shown an interest in so far.

We’d need stops in Colorado for his brother and in Montana for my  aunt and another cousin. And maybe in Indiana for another cousin of mine.  That needs more discussion and planning.  I’d love it if I could make my aunt’s 95th birthday party!

Meanwhile we can get to more of husband’s sister’s family events down in central New Hampshire.  We are about 3 hours away and that has been a deterrent to visits at times lately.  Six hours on the road is a long time to get over, and I’ve been needing a day of recovery.  That doesn’t always work out.

My other retirement activities

This summer I hope to finish my online lessons on how to navigate the women’s organization I joined.  It’s a highly organized and complicated outfit.  Already I have been an officer and I have been in it only about 5 years now.

In July I help host a meeting, providing beverages and cookies or candy and decorations for the tables.  In August I will demonstrate how to spin wool on a spinning wheel, and in September take care of registrations for the state convention.

Somewhere in between I will also convene the planning meeting for next year’s programs and meeting places.

Meanwhile, my local crafts group will continue to meet and I may also go to spin-ins at a museum and a crafts barn if all goes well.  Possibly when county fairs get going this fall I might spin at one and/or enter some yarn in competitions.  But I really hope we can get a local group up to go to the state sheep and wool festival this October.

Meanwhile, there will have to be downtime days at least once in a while.  My friend has lake access and a raft she’s invited me to go out on at some point this summer.  She also wants me to try kayaking.  And we may get a walking routine going together.  She, too, has a lot of retirement activities, so we’ll have to juggle a bit.

And in between, I’ll be dyeing fiber and spinning it into yarn, and weaving and knitting in the evenings.

So I expect to be busy till maybe a break in October this year.  You can see that quitting a job is not the end, but a beginning of a whole lot of things.  I will not be a bored retiree!  Comments, anyone?



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