Why Host Your Blog With SiteGround?

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Part of being serious about your blog is having it hosted somewhere safe, fast and responsive. Sure, you can get by for less money, but if you are trying to run an online business, or are doing this part time, or both, get real. Host your blog with SiteGround.

From November 23 through November 26, 2018, save 75% on all annual shared hosting plans!

This is most certainly an affiliate post and I am hoping you will consider what I say to be from the heart.  I wouldn’t do this for just any company!  You will pay no more if you connect with them through links here than you would elsewhere.

Safety first.

SiteGround looks at my site every day for vulnerabilities to my blog. Each week I get an update on how safe my blog is from blacklisting and malware.  So far, in over a year, I’ve had none.  At all.

The way SiteGround protects WordPress accounts is that they watch for vulnerabilities to WordPress and then create patches and install them on the servers with the WordPress accounts to protect them.  They do the same for Joomla VirtueMart.  Nobody else does that.   Thus, on SiteGround users of these programs don’t get hacked.

SiteGround also protects you from the neighbors.  Each account is isolated so that other accounts don’t disturb it, intentionally or otherwise.  It’s like living in the boonies, but with all the perks of really great hosting!

Speed is of the essence!

We love to load speedily, and it happens that SiteGround excels at bringing your blog to someone’s device extra-fast.  They’re the second fastest compared with twelve other hosting services for WordPress overall, and the fastest using cache.

Not only that, but SiteGround also can handle more traffic faster than any of the other companies.  It’s no good being the fastest if you can’t also handle lots of hits for different accounts.  No bottlenecks here; SiteGround responds rapidly to get your blog in front of eyes every time.

Now, you have to do your part by sizing your photos and such, so your posts don’t slow themselves down.  But all things being equal, you’ll do quite well with SiteGround.

Support is exemplary.

Now and then we all need some support.  SiteGround offers fast, accurate and effective support services no matter what way you contact them.

Phone support is available 24/7 and they pick up immediately.  They believe if you are calling you need help now, not in ten minutes after hearing the Muzak fourteen times through.  So they simply pick up and get to it.

If you happen not to be in the US, it’s no big deal because SiteGround isn’t just here.  They have support numbers for many places in the world.  Travel to your heart’s content; they’ve got you covered.

Some prefer chat support.  SiteGround has it.  You can wait up to ten minutes for connection with most of the other companies, and some don’t chat at all.  And it takes on average 21 minutes for the other guys to fix a problem.  With SiteGround, it’s five.  Who would you rather chat with?

For shy and low-profile people like me, tickets are the usual way to connect.  But that’s slow, right?  Wrong.  How’s eight minutes?  That’s how soon SiteGround gets back to you when you do a ticket.  With the others, you could wait an hour, two, even eight hours or more for a first response.

Now, maybe you can wait eight hours, but I’d rather not.  In eight hours I will either be asleep or at work and unable to do anything till I am at home at my own computer and awake.  So eight minutes works for me.

And when you are awake at your computer you want results, which on average could take 11 hours.  Again with the delays.  SiteGround’s average resolution time is a mere 31 minutes.

Now for the punchline:  I’ve never called/chatted/ticketed for help with them because it’s never been necessary!

No ordinary hosting company

When I first enrolled with SiteGround, all my stuff got set up fairly easily despite my rather abysmal ignorance.  I found lots of tutorials to help me get started, and the features of my account were well documented so I eventually got the idea.

In fact, I learned more from the SiteGround library than anywhere else about WordPress and how to make things work.  It’s techy stuff, but if you read enough of it, it begins to make sense.

What threw me, though, was that a SiteGround manager called me up at home to see if I was doing OK and to welcome me to SiteGround.  Haven’t had that kind of thing happen in a long time from any company at all.  I honestly didn’t expect it out of someone in the computer technology world, but there he was.  And it was good.

More goodies

Want to switch?  SiteGround will transfer your domain for a small fee ($15.95) and that lets them help you manage your domain and account all in one place.  No more trying to figure out whom to call for what problem.

I love my SG Site Scanner, which I mentioned above.  It keeps malware out of my site and Google doesn’t blacklist me for infecting other people’s computers.  What a deal for $1.65 a month!

Get SSL for less from SiteGround.  Let’s Encrypt SSL is free for small accounts like mine.  For medium-sized accounts a comprehensive package costs $90 a year; super-deluxe packages for large online businesses go for $499 a year.  Compare what you pay and then think about it.

There are more goodies than you can shake a stick at on the SiteGround website.  See what you think would help you and consider adding on when the need arises.

All in all, I am so glad I started out with SiteGround for web hosting services.  They handle so much so well that it’s almost easy to forget they’re there, but then, that’s the mark of a really good technical service company.  They’re working for you night and day, and you can get them if you need them, without waiting around.  Believe me, that’s amazing!

So don’t take my word for it, see SiteGround for yourself.

From November 23 through November 26, 2018, save 75% on all annual shared hosting plans!  Don’t miss this deal!


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